Corporate team building

Treat your team to an unforgettable day of art and fun at Carlos' studio on the shores of Lake Austin.



Sling some paint

Prior to your visit to the studio, you and Carlos will have collaborated on selecting an image that you and your team will paint.  Upon your arrival you will find a canvas sketched out with the image you selected and all the equipment your group will need to make the painting your own.  Once your team has finished painting, Carlos will then add some of his technique and expertise to deliver a painting you will be proud to display in your offices.


Let's talk

Carlos' studio has three independent cabins equipped with living rooms and a full kitchen.  You'll have a comfortable space to talk a little shop if that's part of your goals for the day.

We'll cater some Barbecue to ensure no one starts getting hangry.



The studio is located on the shores of Lake Austin.  You and your team will love paddling on our SUP boards, taking the kayak for a spin, hooking a bass off the dock, starting a ping pong tournament, or just relaxing and taking in the sun.